The Majestic Wembley…!!

Arriving in London and finding out about all its stadiums is typical of the UK! So get ready to take a tour in its fascinating stadiums that have a lot of history, now I will talk about Wembley.

wembley stadium

Wembley is an area of northwest London, England, and part of the London Borough of Brent. It is home to the Wembley Arena and Wembley Stadium.

Wembley is part of both HA0 and HA9 post codes,  and has its own post code. It includes Alperton, Preston, North Wembley, South Kenton, Tokyngton, Wembley Park and partly of Sudbury and Northwick Park.

Stations in the area are:

The position of  Wembley Park on the Metropolitan line and the suburban development of the surrounding area following the British Empire Exhibition has ensured that Wembley remains an integral part of Metro-land in the popular imagination.

The prime landmark is  Wembley Stadium, rebuilt 2003-2007 at a cost of £827 million, which is approached via the White Horse Bridge designed by the London Eye architects. Nearby is the SSE Arena, a Grade II-listed concert venue built in 1934 as the Empire Pool, a multi-use facility built for the 2nd Empire Games.

Wembley has two local non- League football clubs, Wembley F.C. and South Kilburn F.C., that both play at Vale Farm stadium in nearby Sudbury.

There once were two golf clubs in Wembley. Wembley Golf Club, founded in 1896, was situated north of the Metropolitan Railway line in what is now the Fryent Country Park.  The club closed in the late 1920s. Wembley Park Golf Club was founded in 1912 in Sir Edward Watkin’s Wembley Park pleasure gardens, improving on the 9-hole course that had opened, along with Watkin’s Wembley Park, in 1896. The course itself became the site of the British Empire Exhibition.

wembley area

I have attended three matches since I’m here in London, one of them played Manchester where a famous Ecuadorian player plays, Luis Antonio Valencia Mosquera, commonly known as Antonio Valencia, is a professional footballer who plays as a right- back and also the vice-captain for Manchester United and the Ecuador National Team.

antonio valencia

The truth is that I has never been so fanatic of football, when I was so little my dad always took me to the stadiums, and good as I found the pleasure thanks to him.  Since I have been here in London, the fanaticism that the English people have for football is indescribable, and my knowledge about football has advanced a lot thanks to thousands of conversations I have had with several english people.  They speak so gladly about football that the only thing you want is to investigate and know more, even to have a conversation topic!  I will enlist all the stadiums because when my dad comes to visit me, he wants to go there and I can’t say no hahaha.

I hope you have loved my post! I have to tell you a thousand more things.

Have a lovely and beautiful day 🙂 We are sooo lucky to be here in London guys!!

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