Overthinking is Overrated in London…

‘If we spend too much time thinking about a thing, you will never get it done’

Before finishing my engineering, I was always clear that I wanted to continue preparing myself in terms of my background.  I have to admit that this had a BIG influence on my decision, because I have family and friends in the United States and Europe and they always told me about their masters and also my dad always recommended me that in order to have a good future we should not stop preparing.

To be honest, once I finish my engineering, I found a person with whom I started to get along very well and good and I fell in love, and that made me ‘delay’ the decision to study the master (you know that one at that time is very sentimental and we think that everything its forever!).  I worked for three years in a multinational company, and there I realized that its really extremely necessary to continue preparing to be able to grow.

When I was sure I already wanted to study, I found out about options in Ecuador, United Stated and United Kingdom.  Completely ruled out the possibility of studying in Ecuador for the costs, it seemed to me that it was not justifiable to study in  your own country, when you can study abroad in an excellent university for the same price even better ranked, if you give good admission exams of course!

One of the most convenient options for cost was Spain, but I was determined to study in another language and I wanted to improve my English so I was between the United States and England.  I found many good options in the United States, even with my dad I went to visit them, but the problem was that I was just going to study, and  also wanted to work.


I started taking courses to be able to take exams like the TOEFL and the IELTS, which are necessary to be admitted to any university, and well at first I did not succeed.  I found the first challenge there, and my dad was always my support and He was the one who told me, it doesn’t matter, you have to try again and this time you will do better.  I spend a month with the help of my father studied the IELTS, day and night, and I took 8 out of 9 in the exam, with that score I could enter any university in the United Kingdom. I just went to take the exam to see how I was doing, I gave my best and I got the score, and I just let the opportunities and things happen, from there I started to contact the universities, it was really a long process.

Although it is true, there were many doubts about all this, to leave my whole life in Ecuador, to leave my beautiful country.  But I guarantee that this experience will not only help you on a professional level but also on a personal level too.  Never thing that something can go wrong to leave a time of your comfort zone to prepare, in fact, that’s the best thing you can do to growth! Just make sure its to out to study, to learn, because if its to travel, you can do it from Ecuador.  There is nothing more valuable than to continue studying, keep learning and keep preparing, it is the only way that will take you further, and that is what has happening to me, and I can guarantee that with a lot of hard word, you will be able to achieve what you want. But I also guarantee that it will not be easy, and that everything will depend on you,  whatever the situation may be, wherever you go!







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