New York and Its great Loss!


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Yesterday a notice shudder to the world, and it was the suicide of the famous designer Kate Spade.

Kate Spade, who founded a 2.4 billion clothing and accessories empire, has found dead in her Manhattan home in a suspected suicide.

She leaves behind a design legacy that included 140 retail shops and outlet stores and more than 175 stores internationally, in addition to the iconic handbags that launched her career.

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Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Spade graduated in 1985 with a journalism degree from Arizona State University and then backpacked around Europe.

The next year, she moved to New York and worked as a temp before finding a job at Conde Nast, in the accessories department at Mademoiselle magazine. She started as an assistant.  She rose to become the accessories director of the magazine.

London, one of the most important fashion capitals, has her brand.  I use her wallets and bags, my mother and sister too.  It is so sophisticated and elegant, it is a great loss for everyone, it had an exceptional taste. RIP KATHERINE NOEL BROSNATHAN.

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Being in London, you will understand the importance of dressing and presenting yourself well, but also knowing about the history of the designers that created the brand, in London people know a lot about the issue here, and it is very interesting to know the background of what you are using.



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