I will open the book…

After more than a year without posting anything, for thousands assignments, work, literally no life at all. I have decided to come back to my blog and give it a light! After all this time, I am ready to tell you my experience as a Ecuadorian International Student in London…

london bridge

Studying and working in London has been the most challenging things I have done in my whole life, well, I am just 30! But obtained that Master Degree has been a BIG satisfaction.  But to get to that point I had to go though many things, but here I am, ready to give many tips for you, so you can survive just as I did.

When I was little, my parents always told me that the right path is not always the easy one, and London is not easy… but is totally worth it!  If you have the opportunity to study outside the country, what I recommend is that you must apply for a degree in UK or USA and you will not regret your decision.  Moreover, if I could be part of a political position in my country, I would love to help young people to study English and support them to travel outside the country and bring their new ideas for the country progress, as well as is happening in Europe and USA.

london city

No, I am not selling myself for a political position.  I just want to tell you my experience as a student in London, I know that can help you a lot…. My energy is 100% so I have a lot to tell! Enjoy it 🙂

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