I Know!! to arrive in a country totally different from yours is something difficult, even worse if you are alone. The moment you land in London, this is the first thing you must do, in order to establish yourself in the best way in London.

  1. To change your money to pounds, go to a Post Office, they are going to offer you the highest change,  if you do it at the airport, you will lose a lot of money.  Here you can also register to get your resident card, with all the papers that the embassy has given to you.

post office

2.  Buy the oyster card at the airport, so you can take the tube to go where you are staying, do not take uber, it will be very expensive and you are going to lose money.

oyster card


3.  At the airport you can buy a chip so you can be connected and you can be located in London, remember to immediately download Cittymapper so you can get to the places you plan to visit.

citymapper limited


4. If you can, visit your university, so you can have a letter to open a bank account, this process takes about three weeks depending on the bank you choose! that is why it is very important that you approach immediately and take your appointment and you can have your account, without the bank account you can not work in London.


5. You must call the number 0800 141 2075, there they will indicate all the steps to follow and you must indicate that you need an appointment to get your NIN number, they will notify you the steps to follow depending on your case and you can apply to receive this number. It is very important that you do it,  as soon as possible!  It takes around three weeks for this number to reach you, without this, you will not be able to work in London.

nin number


6. I recommend you download the application SPAREROOM. What happens most in London, and do not go scare, is that you move all the time! The most expensive is the rent in London, so you will always find better places to live and cheaper.  You should arrive as comfortable as you can and be willing to move every two or three months.


Once you have all this, prepare to enjoy and survive in the wonderful city of London, although it is true that it will be different and sometimes a little hard, but it is surely an unforgettable experience! I hope you use my article a lot and if you have any suggestions do not forget write and wait for more posts that I have a lot to tell!  Have a great day!

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