Dayra Munoz, Head of Marketing of Aviasolutions and Founder of a fashion and healthy company, is a driven entrepreneur and international stylist. Dayra was born out of a love for Ecuador, raised in Quito and around South America. Dayra has always had a great affinity for the continent of her birth, having travelled extensively through Ecuador, immersing herself in the different cultures of many countries like Peru and Colombia, she has been deeply inspired by its beauty; both in land and its people.

With a vision to share this beauty with those around the world, Dayra created many surprises that captures the beauty of Ecuador through its rare and precious products. Having studied at Northumbria University and Cambridge in the United Kingdom, Dayra set out to find the finest products in Ecuador and with a strong belief that education is key, She is committed to improving the quality and accessibility of schooling in the local communities.

Dayra pairs her innate style sensibilities and with the expertise and knowledge gained from her diversified experiences in important cities like London, Milan, Turin, Madrid and Miami. It is with authenticity that Dayra’s passion for fashion and appreciation for quality has allowed her to telling a story of a continent as rich in culture, beauty and pride as it is in her products and services she is offering to the world.


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