A Stay at Wood Green… LONDON

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this is london

london eye and big ben

A-hello there! Today’s post is brought to you from the lovely Wood Green, one of my places to stay in London. Since I’ve arrived in London, I have moved three times in four months, if you come to London, prepare to move several times, because what is safe here in London is CHANGE!  In Wood Green (district of North London) you find everything and at the best price, you have a huge Primark for you, can you believe it? Yes PRIMARK, and with only 30 pounds you can buy a new wardrobe!

Since I’m here in London, I was more than ready to make this experience the best of my whole damn life.  I have a lot to share with you, there are a million things to do in London, and I’m sure you would be interested to know everything I do in this wonderful city, what is most needed is TIME!

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